JCM is an initiative run by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) and National Sports Council of Malaysia (MSN), as a grassroot development programme to develop cycling in Malaysia at all levels, from beginners to racing champions. JCM, was established initially as a race platform in April 2016. JCM serves as a talent feeder in cycling by discovering and nurturing young riders and potential champions through series of races and clinics in a structured and systematic manner.

In 2017, JCM entered into partnership with CIMB Foundation to organise races, clinics and overseas tours from 2018 to 2020. To date, JCM have organised more than 30 races and 39 cycling clinics nationwide with the support from MOE, PKBM and State Government. Young cyclists with the most points and potentials will also be exposed to a series of tours in Europe and Australia to get them used to competitive cycling at international level.

Although there are many disciplines in cycling, JCM focused its work on two disciplines (due to limited funding):

  • Road
  • Track


  • Cycling Clinics
    • JCM organises cycling clinics for primary and secondary students of National schools in Malaysia.
    • Participants breakdown: 150 Primary & 150 Secondary (optimum).
    • Primary objectives:
      • To raise awareness on cycling as a sport and recreational activity.
      • To change the mindset of students on taking up cycling as a sport.
      • To open up opportunities to students who are interested to try the races while introducing cycling races to these children.
    • How:
      • Educate students on bicycle skills and theory with a practical session to follow through the learning process.
      • We offer the students the opportunity to participate in CIMB JCM Cadet races that is held on the same day as the Criteriums.
      • Cadet race format is similar to Criteriums but to participate, they must use existing bikes provided by JCM. This race duration is shorter due to fewer laps.
      • Clinics are usually held 2 days prior to the race date.


  • Domestic Races
    • CIMB JCM Criteriums x 9
    • CIMB JCM Road x 4
    • CIMB JCM Cadets x 9
    • CIMB JCM Stage Race x 1
    • ¬†CIMB JCM Push Bikes x 9
    • CIMB JCM Track x 3
  • International Tours
    • Europe
    • Australia
  • Expanding the base
    • Search For A Star